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When I was a child I always wanted to be a nurse but in reality I worked as a secretary and later a chef. What are you doing now? Did you or are you following your childhood dreams?
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I want to be a doctor because they wear white but when the doctor injected me for vaccine, I hate them. I want to become a floor sweaper instead because I think it is a novel job. 
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I have always wanted to be engineer when I grow up but as the say goes "man proposes, God disposes". I later went on to study biochemistry which automatically made to be a biochemist. But presently I am not even working with the certificate obtained from my field of study as I choose to be more open minded about any opportunity that aligns with my passion and my divine calling. I am not boxing up myself at all. I know there is more to life than mere university degree certificate.
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O always dream when I was a child to become an actress; a singer or a dancer or maybe in acting, but I think that's not the life for me. I a mother now of two little love ones.

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When I was young I wanted to be a pilot.I went on with this dream until I was 14 years and then I realised, being a pilot requires much but then its very expensive.

When I joined high school, I had to changed my dream to being a doctor. Unfortunately, biology didn't work well for me and I found that my stronghold subject was geography.I hence changed my mind and opted to do geology or seismology.

I later on did my research and found out that most of geography careers aren't very marketable. When I was on my final year in high school, I realised that I could do something related to chemistry, either analytical or industrial chemistry.

Currently am on my fourth year doing industrial chemistry and am happy for that.
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When I was a child I wanted to hitchhike around the world and draw. I love art and wanted to visit all the interesting place around the world and draw all that I saw. However, this was only a dream and I ended up being a network tech and worked for the government. I did get part of my dream come true because I spent most of the time working in other countries. I was able to spend 7 years in Mexico and saw all there was to see. I then moved on to Porto Rico and was there for 2 years. This was an amazing place and had a lot of fun. From there we went to Jamaica and spent a year and a half there. Then off to Canada, onto New York, then Los Angeles, and off to French Polynesia Tahiti. 

I think half of my dream came true because with my job I have been able to go and work in some amazing places. I have had jobs in Japan, China, Easter Islands, Brazil, and Chile. 

I guess dreaming as a child isn't so bad and sometimes your dreams do come true. 
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When I was a child I always admired to fly a plane. I used to admire pilots so much so I wanted to be a pilot. I kept the dream upto high school that's when I realized there is something in me. I had ability to convince and control masses. At form three I could control the whole institution yet I wasn't holding any elective position in the same learning institution. That's when I decided to view for school President and I won. From that time I aspire to be a leader. Though in campus am taking economics and statistics but my aspiration is to be a leader.

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