There are so many things that I lost my chance these past years. I have some opportunities to work in another country, but I declined them For me, it is not the right time to go across the border. 


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I like your question very much I think it's very important question for everyone thanks for asking this question I am waiting for answer of this question if somebody give.
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In fact, you reacted to this question. I considered it as an opinion. Perhaps you can ponder about it and get back if you have a piece of notion to share. Thanks for reading it.
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The chance to be employed by one of the largest and well-known hospital in the country. But I believe there is a reason for everything. 
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People in India seek for a good government job and i left one( resigned after doing it for 6 months) that was the post of branch post master in post office, A central job, just because i had a passion to study more .

Hoping for more good in future.

No regrets.
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Opportunity. I have not let pass by any opportunity that I got, to be frank. Either I have not got the opportunity or god has taken that opportunity away from me. :( 

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