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As the name implies social media; are the media used by two or more people to socialize with themselves. Social media is a community that bring people together in a single platform to facilitate seamless interaction with themselves. And social media platforms are also used for promotion of business products
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There are so many use of all the various social media sites in the world today. It may be for business marketing and business promotion purposes, it may be for making new friends and engaging in communications with new friends. It could be for gossip and so on. 

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Social media started out as a way to find people you lost touch with and reconnect with them. It was also there to help people keep in touch with loved ones that were far away. You could share your photos and experiences with them online and in this way, they could know how you were. 

However, today social media has changed and now it is a way to sell and promote your business online. Today businesses have tapped into social media as a way to promote and sell their goods and services online. This is a fantastic platform to reach more people around the world. There is no other platform around that can reach so many people so quickly. 

I use social media for my business and also for my website. This helps me to reach people and inform them of new opportunities out there that they shouldn't miss. This is one way to get free advertising and reach a wider range of people. 
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Social media gets a lot of bad publicity because of cyber bullying, fake news or other undesirable information. However it is a good way of keeping in touch with friends and family who you may not see often. I have cousins in Australia that I rarely see but we sometimes communicate on Facebook. Their instant messaging service where you can chat in real time is also useful.

Not everyone wants a Facebook or Twitter account but I think the majority of people these days do like to get involved with social media in some form or other. Even President Trump likes to use Twitter and sees it as a good way to get his points across although some people might think this is a bad thing!
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I think the primary purpose of social media is to unite friends and family who are far a part. Social media can be made useful to achieve your own purpose or agenda. For instance social media is the best platform to pass message to a large number of audience. It's the fastest means of communication if the message is intended to reach large number of people. Some use social media to promote their businesses, institutions and to make sales. Though some people misuse social media by spreading rumors, fake news and propaganda. Some even go to an extent of exchanging abusive words but social media platforms can be made useful for beneficial ways as I mentioned above.
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There are several social media platforms available at present. Social media platforms are all about conversations and observations. People on social media platforms take part in it in a social setting. That is why it is termed as social media. At present, publishing content has become extremely simple.
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Social media has many uses. One of them is to advertise the product that a company is introducing to the market for people to be aware of the new products they have. Another function of the social media is a platform where people mingle and socialise with each other. This has enabled easy communications with families and friends with designed platforms.

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