image Laptop repair in rancho cucamonga 

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I think if you have good knowledge of hardware then you can repair but if you haven't any knowledge of hardware then you shouldn't have to repair your tablet at your home you should have take it at hardware shop.
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I think you can but you need prior knowledge about it and the equipment which requires to fix your screen but I suggest visit the service center that will be good for you I guess
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If you know about it, you can fix it but if you do not know about this, please do not take this risk otherwise your tablet may be completely damaged.
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Its better not to repair by yourself if you never done it before as the other parts attached to the screen might get affected and damaged during the repair
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Its not impossible yo repair screen at home but u will need a lot of parts  of screen of tablet and most important knowledge about how to repair otherwise veh with parts u can't repair .
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