It's a good thing to be politically 'fired up' if you are.

Not only you gain knowledge, you also benefit clear understanding of truth.

But attacking people with:

  • your baseless ad hominems,
  • zero facts why you disagree
  • and you cannot prove what you are complaining about your favorite-to-hate leader to be "destroying you and your country''
  • destructive noise with no solution to offer how to civilly work with others
  • Then, your 'fired up' methods should be modified and changed. Any thoughts and tips? Thanks.
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I hope I could incline myself to politics. But then, I cannot pull myself to learn more about it, especially in my country. It always has dirty facts.
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I am not at all involved. Here it's a lose lose situation. Votes are being rigged to keep the same president in the chiar. You speak out you either disappear or you are found dead. You go against his rulings you might as well. Say goodbye toul your family. Journalist aren't free to write what they want,they write what they have been given. Money is being stolen,tenders given to the family of the leader. Our former president has fled the country because he's in fear of his life since he has been fighting to change how unfair things are,he is hiding in our neighbouring country. 
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