Want to know about reality of life....
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Some ugly truth of life are:

  1. Life was never meant to fair
  2. money and power everything - more rich you are the more powerful you are the more you can get away with everything, money and power is everything.
  3. Doing Good is doen't equate to good happening to you - if you do one mistake in life people crucify you. if you do good thing people not remember much but bad things people always remember you.
  4. everyone's talking about the future - no one knows the future & no body knows the facts what gona happen in the future 
  5. chances of you achieving your dream - 99% people will not achieve dream.
  6. chances of failing much more greater than chances of new succeeding - you will feel much more times than you ever will succeed.
  7. most probably you being ordinary - you to reach even that peak is hard, if you reach peak suddenly vanished.
  8. even you help everyone on day that you need help nobody will there for you.
  9. your greatest enemy, the biggest enemy is the one who's closest to you.
  10. your family can be your friends, can be one of the biggest reason for your failure - sometime family will not support your future, suppose you want to become actor but family want you to become engineer in some cases.
  11. marriage is over height it's beginning of lots of problem lots of challenges and lots of complications.
  12. knowledge and education its not going to make rich - lots of people do not have education making lot of money in there life
  13. when person take advantage on you.
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You are right , infact our big enemy is that who is more close to us.. 
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The ugly truth of life is how he or she carries himself or herself in this world, either bad or good. It sounds a balance thing to happen, right? In real life situation, some people are bad and others are not.
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In this real life, some people who are good, they can become bad in the future and those who are bad can also be good in the future.
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A very ugly truth about life is that everyone is a hypocrite, no matter what they try to make you believe or they try to convince themselves. Hypocrisy is everywhere, especially on social media.

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You are absolutely right..  Social media is a bundle of lies. 
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While a person is still alive, people would often throw bad criticism towards him/her. But when a person dies, you will hear nothing but great things about them. 
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While individuals search continually for a handy solution to turn their lives around, in all the truth is that the hard work you put in today will most likely only begin to pay off moths if not years down the road.
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Money is the most power full  think. If you have money so you can buy everything. If you have money so every one can stand with you. If you have not so they will leave you. 
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