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1.)Reusing oil- some people end up using the same same oil for even a week .This is very unhygienic and a great source of cancer.

2.)Carelessness when handling the cooking tools. Something like a knife needs to be handle with care so that you don't cut your finger mistakenly in the cooking process.

3.)Using a small cooking pot when your cooking food like rice which ends up  pouring out in the process of heating.

4.)Cooking in a place that's congested and you might end up burning up yourself while cooking because of being squeezed.

5.)Working in unhygienic conditions with lots of dirt in the floor and the table.

6.)Using a lot of species without considering the kind of food that you're cooking.

7.)Using too much oil on a single meal which is probably for one or two persons which is very unhealthy.

8.)Serving two masters at a time, like you're chatting and cooking at the same time.

9.)Heating oil until it smokes.Mostly this kind of food is never tasty.

10.)Finally, careless chopping of veggies.
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Here is what I'd say are the worst for me:

  1. When storing meat or breaking down packages of meat to a smaller quantity. The work area is filled with blood and a person will use a hand towel to clean their hands. They won't throw this in the wash or even wash their hands. They won't clean the area before opening another package of meat to separate. 
  2. When cutting up food a person won't wash the cutting board, clean the area, or even clean the knife before cutting up the next item.
  3. When defrosting food, people leave it out for hours after it has been defrosted and they don't put it in the refrigerator when it is almost defrosted. This spoils the meat.
  4. People will throw mean in the refrigerator to defrost and not put a plate under the package. Blood drips all over your other food.
  5. When a person cooks, they put their dirty hands in the food they are cooking and eats the food right out of the pan.
  6. People will use the same spoon they cook with to taste the food and not bother to wash the spoon again before putting it back in the food.
  7. Resuing bacon grease from a pan that has sat on the stove for hours. The grease has turned and it is dangerous to use this again.
  8. Not cleaning your cooking utensils or even your pan before you start cooking.
  9. Cooking in a dirty area that isn't cleaned and filled with grease or blood from the meat they are cutting up or cut up earlier.
  10. Cooking on a dirty stove. When food falls out of the pan they put it back in.
  11. When food falls on the floor they pick it up and put it in the pan to cook without throwing it away. They don't even bother to wash the food.
  12. I've seen a person drop a pan of food they cooked on the floor and they picked this up and put it back in the pan and served it.
  13. I've seen people allow dogs to eat from pans and plates we eat from.
  14. Having a cat in your kitchen that lays on your counters where you cook. Not cleaning the area before cooking and the hair gets in your food. 
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Cooking my favorite passtime.

1. Cooking with all the windows closed. Meaning the is no air going out and no fresh air coming in thats bad.

2. When you cook food, and keep rewarming it everytime it remains. Please if you have warmed it once do not keep it for warming again that is like food poisoning.

3.when you fry stuff like chicken and fish use enough oil that you can reuse only once not for a whole week.

4. When cooking don't just cook enough for everyone to have a plate. Its always good to cook extra you never know a visitor could pop in for the weekend or maybe someone within the family could be having a good apetite that day.

5.Overcooking  vegetables they loose their nutrients.

6. Always wash your hands before and after handling food.

7. Use a chopping board when cutting and chopping food. And always wash the chopping board after using it can attract bacteria.

8. It is good to clear as you go, that leaves the kitchen tidy and easy to clean up after cooking.

9. Keep pets out of the kitchen i think its inhygenic.

10. Always rinse the utensils your going to use before you start cooking. They could have gathered dust while in the cabinets.

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