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Some kids,need our guidance so they can do it on their own. Encourage your child to read and study while young so they can do it freely and willingly when they grow up.
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Definitely, you need to supervise your kids when they are reading on their own and give them directions on what to do and what not to do. 

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Sense of boredom and saturated learning in children, could be caused by the teaching process applied in the school. Therefore, you as a parent need to apply more relaxed and fun habits and events, either at home or outdoors so that your child can concentrate on subjects, and other extracurricular activities.
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To make a child study you must make it very interesting for them. The books you buy for them to use must be very attractive to them and should have beautiful pictures and also should be very colorful. The children will have interest in the books you buy them and eventually they will start like to read their books without even supervision.
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I've noticed with my grandchildren that they bring home 10 times the amount of homework that I was given in school. Even my daughter didn't have as much homework as kids do today. When children first start school teachers are now assigning homework to the young children. This makes it hard on them. Many children who are given way too much homework to complete in an evening lose interest in what they must do. Basically, the only way to get through all this is with a schedule to help them out.

  1. Make a schedule for your child. 
  2. When they first arrive at home it is time for them to relax for 30 minutes to unwind and get something to eat.
  3. Have them start their homework and spend 30 minutes on the assignments.
  4. A child needs to play and run. You need to give them at least 30 to 60 minutes outside to play and enjoy the sun. This will help to get some of the energy out of them.
  5. Don't allow them to play a video game or sit in front of a TV. This is a bad move because they will never want to turn off the game or go back to their homework.
  6. Break up the study time in 30 to 45-minute intervals. This helps the child concentrate and not get bored.
  7. At the end of the assignment and if they complete their homework you need a rewards system. 
  8. A child needs to be rewarded when they are younger. As they grow up the reward system can be to chat on their phone or play a video game. But younger children need more discipline and this is a bad reward for them. 
  9. When my daughter was in school I used to give her some money when she did well on her homework and her spelling test. I didn't offer a large amount of money for her achievements, but I did offer some. The money was added to a jar that sat on the counter. If she failed to complete the assignments she needed to pay me. If she did well, I paid her. This worked out so well and it really helped to motivate her and get her through the first couple of years in school. It is the beginning that matters and how you teach your child to complete assignments on their own. 
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You cannot force a child to study if they don't  feel like studying. It is supposed to come out naturally that they're supposed to be studying. What you have to do is instill some passion in the child, make her love what she's reading.

I believe in advices, try talking to the kid and tell her the effects of not studying like they'll fail in the exams and maybe will not be promoted to the next class.

If it doesn't work, create a studying timetable for the kid and let her study for even 30 minutes on a certain topic then give her a random test to see if she's understood what she read.

Find that subject he doesn't enjoy reading then try going through the subject together, analyse the topics then give her time to meditate what you've been studying together ad with time she'll learn studying on her own.
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It could really be difficult to make a child who doesn't have interest in studying to do so. Why is it so? It's that you might try to force the child to study but her mind might not be there, and at the end, you would the impression that he/she has read but in all sincerity nothing was achieved. It's like forcing a horse to the river while knowing that the horse can't be forced to drink water.

The best bet in this case is to attempt to work on the child's psych by giving him/her the reasons why he/she have to study. Because if there is no passion on the part of the child to study, he/she might not really see the reasons to do so. That is why you have to encourage the child by letting he/her to know how important studying is, not only to pass exams but for the betterment of his/her future.
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It doesn't start with making them study "on their own" because that would only give you the opposite results. Parents should understand where this lack of interest is coming from, and that can be done by talking to them. Do not scold them for their reasons but try to recognize and acknowledge what they've been going through. There are times when a child isn't motivated to study not because he or she doesn't want to but because of some reasons that are outside the academic sphere.

However, if you're child is really struggling with his or her lessons, and doesn't want to study because they think they wouldn't understand it anyway, then as a parent, you need to be their go-to person. You need to be that person whom they can tell these problems to without getting the feeling that you won't be proud of them anymore. I think telling them that you have gone through the same troubles when you were young, but eventually overcome such failures will give them the feeling that if their parents can do it, they can do it as well. Make them realize how studying has helped you in the most relatable way as possible for them to realize how important it is to feed their mind. Talk to them about their goals in life and how studying can help them achieve such goals. I also think it would be helpful if you will join them in studying until the time they get used to it and would choose to do it on their own.
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I think it's possible but we cannot force our kids to study. I feel we should let them know what their targets are and how they can achieve that. But as the kids are more sensitive and they may not feel good about it, we should try to boost them cautiously so that it won't backfire.
Also parents should never compare their kids with other kids as this may feel them bad and every kid is special. So we should try to see in what thing they are good and should encourage. As many kids are good in different sports but not in studies and we can easily motivate them to do better in sports and can try side by side in studies as well.

One other option would be to help the kids in their homework in the initial stages and slowly let them work on their own. It may take some more time but is a good and safe option.
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I have found that my granddaughter studies better if she is with a friend. She and her best friend go to either her friend's house or mine and do their homework together. At first I had reservations as I thought they would not concentrate but I have found they work much better this way. When she was left to work on her own she would keep leaving it half way through to see what I was doing but at least now she works until she finishes.

Of course it is not always possible for a child to work with others so he/she should be encouraged to work alone too. I think a quiet room with no distractions is probably best although many people like a bit of background noise so whatever works best for your child. Most children eventually settle into a routine and manage their homework plan well over time but if this isn't the case maybe you could get some advice from the teachers.
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The watch word for me while trying to make my kids learn on their own is Consistency because when once we let them be of course they will go straight back to play. So first thing first is making them be focus, concentrate and learn about what we need them to know.
Schedule a good time for their learning.Remember all work and no play makes jack a full boy.Children will always be children so they mix learning with playing so draw out a time table and schedule time for each subject while also infusing play time in between.

You can motivate them with some incentives like promising them some toys or timeout if they study hard on their own and don't forget to always leaves some homework with them to do, it will help them to have a scheduled work to accomplished.
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Children are free spirits human beings, they would easily follow in the footsteps which you laid down for them till they become adult. Now, teaching your children how to be able to read on their own is something very simple. Learn how to culture and cultivate their habits of reading and before you know what's happening, they would have developed the habit of reading on their own without even needing you to give them instructions to go and read.

This is actually something that I have practiced with my first son. Everyday he gets back from school, I made it a daily routine for him to read on his own everything they had done in school that particular before doing his homework. After doing this for months, he developed the habit of reading on his own.

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