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Why can't It just measure up my flour and add to my mixture without sifting? 
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It really depends on what your cooking. I know that if you want to bake the best thing you would so is to sift your flour foe a more fluffy feeling. Though i don't do it myself. I hardly sift my flour when baking, i always justmix it up with all the other ingredients and it still comes out fluffy. But again if you do have the time why not, sieve it to your liking.
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It is not really that important to sift your floor but if you want to have fine finished product from it that has no balls in it, you just have to sift it.
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Not all flour need to be shift, it only depends what type of baking you are going to make. 
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I don't have much knowledge on baking but the simple fact that I know is you must stir the flour very well in order to avoid it stiffing or having ball shapes in whatever you want to bake.

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You don't have to sift your flour always but you'd do yourself a lot of good by sifting It. Sifting your flour allows you a finer mixture while doing your dough and other kinds of combination. 

Sifting flour helps to remove bugs, shaft, debris, stones and other contaminants that you wouldn't want to see in your finished product. I often encounter such when I buy flour from open markets. 

Sifting your flour gives you a more accurate measurement as some times, unsifted flour is more clumped together and dense hence when you measure, it may be more than you really need. When you sift, it aerates the flour, makes it lighter and gives you a fluffy mixture. 
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I used to be a cook in an old people's home and we made so many cakes for them. We didn't always sift the flour, it depended on how much time we had but it does make the mixture finer and the cakes will be much lighter.

It is mainly done to sift out impurities and get rid of lumps. It can be the difference between lumpy baked goods and a fine professional tasting product. Although not essential sifting is recommended for better tasting bread and cakes.
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One of the most important reasons to shit flour is the fact that flour can have bugs in it. Small bugs get in flour and you don't want these in your food. In many countries, food is shipped in by boats. The boats have bugs, rats, and who knows what else on them. These rodents and bugs can get into the packaging of food products on the trip from one place to another. No matter how careful you are this happens. When the flour arrives in your store it already has small bugs in it. Therefore, it is necessary to shift the flour when cooking so the bugs don't get in your food. 

Furthermore, when making cream sauces or even thickening a sauce, you should shift your flour. This helps to take the lumps out of the flour and make a creamy, smooth sauce. 

It isn't necessary to shift flour all the time, but considering I live in the topic I have the habit to do this. I keep my flour in the refrigerator, but when the flour comes from the market at times it already has bugs in it. I just have the habit to do this now because I don't like bugs in my food. 
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Sifting is very essential but not all the time. Its good to do sifting especially when the flour has been lying around for quite some time. Also , we do sifting to remove husks if possible. 

When you do sifting, you aerate the flour(allowing air through) thus making the flour lighter, this in turn makes it easier mixing when making a dough.

What you have to know is that when sifting, you need to sift the equivalent proportion to the dough you want to make considering the amount of ingredients you have 

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