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The best strategy should be against covid-19 are:

  1. Keep on clean your hands whereever you touch your hand on things, put with you always sanitizer.
  2. wear mask wherever you go out.
  3. whenever you cough try to bend elbow and sneeze.
  4. try to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth from hand
  5. if you were talking with someone, do some distance while talking
  6. always clean your clothes, whenever you go out.
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Aside from practising precautionary measures like frequent handwashing, wearing mask, social distancing, we have to keep our body healthy and our immune system strong by eating nutritious foods.

Sometimes no matter how cautious we are in protecting ourselves from viruses, there still a chance will get infected. So better prepare our body with essential nutrients it needs. Eat veggies esp. green leafy vegetables and foods rich in Vitamin C. Indoor exercise is also good.

Those who have existing chronic conditions (patient with heart problems, diabetic, on dialysis etc.) and compromised immune system (disabled patients and post-transplant patients) they have to be extra careful because they are more prone to acquire the disease and at higher risk of death when infected. 
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Gw mau ke mana saja yang amanah yang diberikan oleh gambar ini adalah kamera terbaikmu sekarang mah udah biasa aja tapi aku tidak bisa masuk ke dalam peninjauan
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