Hi my name is Ales and I an 47 years old and I have ADHD and taking Adderall last two years I was taking from an online Pharmacy and they work with me last two years and now they shut down the website and I don't wanna pay doctor for prescription Bcz doctors just allow me 15 pills in one month but I am taking 45 Adderall in one month bcz I feel very well when i Took 3 pills in a day now please suggest me the legit online pharmacy where i can buy Adderall without Prescription Thank you
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I can give you my exclusive take on this.

  1. Adderall unlike dexradine is a combo of amphetamine salts. In fact that's the generic name.
  2. Orally taken whether or not you are adhd , as a person with ADHD we consider this a side effect: there a an initial rush. A BUTTERFLY feeling. Excitement. Whereas people think this is a high. WE with ADHD merely accept it And know will go away.
  3. In fact it's more a prelude to calmness. After a while that effect becomes calming. I if you're not ADHD you'll crave that effect hence you'll take more or snort it.
  4. Snorting: the irony for ADHD is we can snort adderall the only thing that will take place is not a high it will be a side effect of WAking is up temporally. This is the only way we can wake up from it. But … we cannot get high off it. I hope that's not confusing.
  5. A person not ADHD im sure if they put it up their nose would get similar cocaine effects but less flawed. Because of the heart im highly recommending not to do this please.
  6. Interesting is that a person wth adhd can take 50mg of adderall drink a red bull.And feel sleepy. That's that.
  7. If you don't. You're not ADHD.

Listen the deal is this stuff wasn't designed for people to abuse. It will make your heart rate soar. And you have no idea how much to take. Too much is really not good. I mean that was polite

There's a reason it's so hard for us with ADHD to get our medication. People buying it off the streets. The regulations are making it so hard to be treated.

Trynatural highs. Do some homework I did when I wanted to stay off opiates.

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