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Am fond of drinking 3 to 4 cups daily.I think am being addicted. What are the effects?
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My granddaughter once experienced palpitations from drinking several cups of a chocolate drink. When I looked at the ingredients it contained caffeine so I assume that was the cause. She is now restricted to one cup a day.
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Cocoa is good for our health it is rich with anti oxidant but of course it contains caffeine, too. Too much caffeine is not goof our overall health,just like eating cocoa.

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Well, it could be bad for you...everything you take too much can be bad for you, no matter what it is.

Well, cocoa can cause issues such as headcahes, has a lot of calories, can cause allergies due to a couple substances in cocoa, plus it can also cause issues such as acid reflux and others.

I love cocoa but it gives me headaches that are so bad. If you have a sensitive stomach like I do You could also face some unpleasant side effects.
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Drinking cocoa comes with a lot of health benefits. It is pprocessed from the seeds of a plant called Theobrama cacao. Cocoa can be good for the brain, it stimulates brain activities, it maintains cholesterol, it reduces blood pressure as it contains oxidants and it stimulates mood by enhancing satisfaction as it contains phenyethylamine. It does these alongside other benefits.

However, most People do not know that cocoa also contains caffeine. Hence it can be accompanied with caffeine side effects like the trigger of migraines, sleeplessness, nervousness etc. So you might want to have your drink in moderation to strike a balance and get the necessary benefits as too much of it can be bad for your health as well.
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Too much of something could become addictive and the same goes with drinking cocoa. I remember when I was drinking lots of cocoa before, it is hard to sleep at night. It can even affects your kidney.It can cause heartburn, abnormal heart rhythm and anxiety. Over used could lead to depression, paranaoia and nightmare. Eating this one could cause the growth of pathogenic bacteria when eaten raw. With pregnant woman, this could cause premature labor , low birth rate and miscarriage. But there are lots of benefits we could get from Cocoa. First one, it has no sugar. It is a good aphrodisiac and good antioxidant. It has essential fats too that is very needed to our diet, especially woman as it gives Magnesium which we are lacking.

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