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It really depends on you. if she's worth it,why not take the chance to tell her your feelings
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Personally, I would keep quiet for at least a minimum of 3 days when I'm very angry with my lover and the three days is to show her how bitter I was as a result of whatever she did wrong. 

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It can be really hard to keep silent about telling someone you love them. Sometimes it's best to let it go or sometimes it's best to just outright tell them. I feel that by keeping silent they may feel that something is up with you and eventually catch on especially if you are giving them hints that aren't intentional.

It's up to you, however, to tell this person that you love them. No one can tell you what to do. The decision is your's and your's alone. If you want to keep silent, that is fine. If you want to tell them how you feel, that is fine also. Just know that if you tell this person that you love them, they will react to it. It may be good or it may be bad. But you won't know until you've told them.
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I disagree a bit on this. There is need for us to also understand that we should watch the person to see if they are having the same feelings as us before we end up voicing our feelings to them. 
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Apparently you didn't read my comment at all otherwise you would have seen that a part of my comment basically said what you just said.

I will quote a part of my comment you clearly overlooked:

"It's up to you, however, to tell this person that you love them. No one can tell you what to do. The decision is your's and your's alone. If you want to keep silent, that is fine. If you want to tell them how you feel, that is fine also. Just know that if you tell this person that you love them, they will react to it. It may be good or it may be bad."
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At times its good to be a don't care and show them that you don't keep grudges even if you do.One or two days is OK not more than that.You might stay silent for long and end up losing the person because in the process of keeping silent, he might end up getting someone else.

The problem with many couples is ego.Most of the relationships are ruined by ego.That's why I say its good to play the "I don't give a damn game". Its always good to have a forgiving heart always.if
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I think always you can keep silent with the person you love. This comes about when you are relaxing together with each other maybe on a walk or having dinner together. This mostly usually comes when there are no more topics to discuss about. There is always nothing wrong when both of you are silent but just to have some time to think of other things and maybe to remember what to talk about.
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I've been in this position before and it is very hard to know when it is the right time to tell a person you love them.  I usually wait until the feelings of love overwhelm me and then come right out with it. The last time I did this everything went well but there have been times when it was too soon so it can be a risk. I think you will probably know when the time is right.

I'm not quite sure whether I understood your question correctly and whether you wanted to know when it is the right time to tell someone you love them but that's what I thought you meant.
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I bet it won't go for long befor you call him/her. You can't Ignore someone you truly love no matter how much you try. For instance there is this other time I differd with my girlfriend whom I love so much. I made a decision of ignoring her and avoiding any communication with her for two months or so. But trust me that didn't apply for long I just found myself texting her.
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Why die in silence when one can come out with whatever it is and be done with it.I don't advocate for silence when it comes to love because everyone deserved love and to be loved. In fact, it will solely affect you.since the other person is even unaware of what you're going through.

I don't think one should give self any deadline or duration of speaking out about love to the other person involved, just go ahead and let the person know your intentions and either give you the green light which is positive or the red card which is a big No and if the No comes oh well take it in your strides and move on,it will be better that way than killing self in silence.
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If you are willing to take a risk to tell that person that you love her, do it. Sometimes we need to act rather than to wait for something to happen that would never happen. If you don't tell her you love her, he might find somebody else and you will regret it in the end. It is better to say something than to be quite the whole time, maybe you have the same feelings after all. And she is waiting for you to say it first. Most of the time,women will have to wait for the guy to come over and than women will come first and say they lo ve the person. B e wise and specific of what is your motive towards your woman, don't p lay games and be sincere. If you get rejected after you tell her you love her, it is normal,at least you tried.There is nothing wrong if someone rejected you because you cannot make all the person you love loved you back.
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There is this saying that actions will always speak louder than words. I think that they first move to make is to look at ways that we can always interact better with the person that we love, try to have a good feeling with them as regards getting to understand them better as well as when we are talking about feeling okay with them. This is one aspect of life that we should not joke with.

There is a possibility that with the good ways that we treat them, the person in question will grow to love and be good fond of us. This is the moment that we can now ask them to be our lover and friend and since you have melted the heart, it is going to be difficult for them to say no to such request. I believe that it is not something that we should rush since love should take a gradual process.
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We all have our differences in ways in which we handle our problems in relationships which are personal in nature. Personally, I'm the kind of person who would prefer to keep silent on the person which I'm in a love relationship with for a long time instead of talking when I'm angry filled and boiling with hot emotions which would make me say something that I would be forced to apologize for because there is every possibility of getting out of line with the words that I would utter when I'm very angry.
Some people have a problem with this but personally I don't think that there is anything wrong with it, in fact I'm of the opinion that it's even more helpful in a relationship because it shows that you value your partner so much that you wouldn't want to hurt him or her with your words.
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How long you can keep silent with hthe person you love really depends on the person you're dating and your personal ideology too. If the person you are dating loves silence and peace of silence, then feed her or her with much of silence and if otherwise then feed your partner with nice communication.

Communication is a great tool in every sound relationship such that, if it is missing in any relationship it create gap enough to stop or quench the love. But or however, it must be under a systematic control. Not too much and not less as well.

If both party understand each other too well, no amount of communication will everly be enough for both.d

Meanwhile, both must learn to understand each other to the extend that each or either party will desire silence atimes. And such moment must be respected.

Also, truth should be told to each other when necessary

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