Is it okay to forget someone from 30 years ago?
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It depends on what memories that person left to us. I have a friend and up until now I still remember her. I still remember what we do when we were a year old. I think we can still remember.
It is very much possible that you can't remember someone from 30years ago. This is especially when you don't have a lot of memories together or you were really little at that time. 

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It is understandable and it is even possible. People you knew, lets say in high school, 30 years ago you may not remember today. I, for instance, do not remember a certain student in high school 30 years ago and yet she claims we were friends back then. I do not remember this. I do not even remember her. But, yes, it's understandable. You could also ask, " If I may ask, can you remind me how we know each other?" They will respond with how they know you and maybe even refresh your memory.
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I think it's completely understandable as people can change so much in 30 years. When I look at photos of myself I can hardly believe I ever looked so young! It also depends on how well you knew a person and how often you saw them. You are likely to recognise someone who was a good friend but maybe not an acquaintance.

However some people change more than others. Recently my sister and I bumped into a friend that we haven't seen for many years. He recognised me and asked how my sister was. Although she was with me he didn't recognise her and was very embarrassed. I don't think I look any younger than her but I just haven't changed as much if that makes sense.

It can be a little awkward if someone we once knew speaks to us but we don't recognise them but most people will not be offended and it's great to catch up.
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Yes it's true It's very hard to remember someone you last saw 30years ago. This is because people grow, their body and face changes both physical changes and mental. Thirty years is a long pereod of time and you can easily forget someone.  The human brain has a capacity of keeping something/ someone's appearance so long as it keeps appearing. But suppose someone appears to you once today and stays for thirty years before appearing you'll definitely forget.
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It is very possible that you can forget what a person looked like after 30 years. This is a very long time to remember the person and over the years this person has changed so much. I know for a fact that it can be hard to remember a person after only 10 years. I ran into an old friend of mine who had changed so much I didn't recognize them at first. They had gained a lot of weight, cut their hair, and a few other features had changed on them. It wasn't until they spoke that I  remembered who they were. 

There are some people who never change and you can remember them even after so long. If you were very young when you meet this person, then it is easy to forget them. I can show my daughter pictures of people she knew when she was growing up and she will tell me she can't remember them at all. So you see it is very easy to not recognize a person after so long. Everyone changes. 
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I think if you're 50 you probably will remember someone from your twenties, however if you're 80 and have all sorts of crazies you probably don't remeber what happened yesterday. In fact where am i
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Yea, its very much understandable. People grow big and old too and thirty years is pretty longer period of time. Surprisingly some people are really good at recognizing people even after a long period of time. In as much as people change, there's that element or mark in your body that people will always recognize you for.
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It depends. We definitely remember the person who we loved even after 30 years. But some memories we couldn't able to remember. Because that might not be that important to us. 
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It really depends on the memory we have. And naturally it has been known for humans to remember bad memories for long it may be due to the lessons and experience gained. 
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It is possible if a person's brain is regressing. It could be pathological causes or aging process. It is normal to forget someone if they do have either of these things mentioned.
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As for me i think it is possible to forget someone from 30 years ago, because the human brain has many activities that it is doing every day, so it's possible.
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