How do you think food and mind are related to each other according to psychology?
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The psychology of the food-mind connection is easy to understand.  People love to eat!  I do!  The problem is when you can not control that love, and you eat too much, and gain too much weight.  I said this before and I'll say it again.  When you eat, you should treat yourself, not mistreat yourself.  Treat your body well by not overeating.

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Hi Sir,

According to psychology the brain controls the relationship between mind and food through your nerves, you see nerves act as a medium allowing your brain to communicate with your digestive organs and thus you feel joy when eating your favorite food or when you get your favorite flavor of ice cream. 

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Food and mind are related to each other because the food we eat generally affect our overall physical and mental health. Take for instance caffeine and cocoa. When we take them, they directly help to boost our mental alertness. They keep us smart and sharp always .Cocoa contains phenylamine which triggers excitement when we take it. 

The brain regulates the food we eat through neurons or nerve cells as we know it is the central system that keeps us active. Take serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, mediate moods, appetite among other things. Over 90% of it is produced in the gastro-intestine. The intestine is further line with hundreds of nerve cells. The more the digestion of food, the more these neurotransmitter send signals to the brain depending on the kind of food we eat. This in turn generally affect our overall health. Both physically and mentally. 
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What we eat impacts our thoughts and feelings. There is a term to mention this relationship between the food and the mind. It is called as nutritional psychiatry. A recent study confirms excess consumption of salt, sugar and flour is associated with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.  
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Psychologically, the kind of food we feed our minds with is pretty much different from the physical food we eat. Basically, the kinds of words we feed our minds with are food on their own whether positive or negative. These words could have either nourishing or poisoning effects on our minds.

Furthermore, if the kind of words we feed our minds with are positively nourishing, they become more productive due to the positive vibes they are bubbling under. They are more ready to achieve a set goal and break every limitations often associated with mind barriers. Interestingly, these nourishing positive words are lights to the human minds. They have the power to illuminate every corners of the mind and ensure there's no room for negativity.

Conversely, the mind is also vulnerable to negative words as food being fed to it. These negative words are so poisonous that they deem the light in our minds making them hard for the bearers to reach their full potentials in life.

Finally, we should be conscious of the kind of food we feed our minds with. If really we want to achieve more in life, we should learn to feed our minds with the nourishing positive words, and not the poisonous negative words.
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You make very good points in your post. It is a common well known fact that food and also the mind do have a connection. The underlining base of the connection would be the neurons and the chemicals that are released that make you crave certain foods more than others. Their are also ,any other things that can make your brain tell you that it is hungry or needs more food. Many people suffer from different types of eating disorders that have to do with the mind and the connection to food. I really hope that this helps you. 
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According to me food and mind are relevant. The mood of one decided by the food taken by one. If I feel irritated I avoid non veg foods. 

My mood decided by the food.
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When you eat well and healthy it gives you peace of mind, it gives an idea that you are taking care of your body, and you will be less worried about getting ill or going to the hospital because food is one way of building the immune system. 
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Food and mind are interrelated in that the brain depends on food nutrients to generate energy for its function. Food helps to provide emotional nourishment for the brain to function properly. 
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Obviously,lack of sugar in the blood,slowes down brain functions,brain works only on sugar!Also entire nervous system suffer from lack of nutrients.No food means death.On the other hand,food can stimulate dopamine that's why we feel happy when we eat.
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The two works perfectly well together, when a man is hungry his state of mind at that time is all about food and how to get food, only food can satisfy the mind.
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