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No, thisbis not necessary, I mean you can if you want to, but there is no need to do so whatsoever. 

Whether your sd card is used or not, there is no reason why you should format it, unless full.

If you insert a full sd Card in the phone it defeats the purpose of having a sd Card on your phone, só make sure you add an empty one. Having some data is ok as well, now if it is full make sure you clean it up :)
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Normally any SD card that is inserted into a new device will be configured by the device. There is no need for you to configure the SD card unless the device isn't recognizing the card that has been inserted. In some cases, this is because you didn't get the card inserted correctly and the phone isn't recognizing the card. 

The SD card is configured with the software from your device so the device can read and write to the card. If you've inserted a memory card from another device, it is a good practice to format the card before it is inserted into the new device. This will wipe out the older configuration of the device it was removed from. 

You can always check to see if your memory card is recognized by your phone in your setting. You can find the storage on the device and see if it recognized the added storage. Once the card is configured by the phone, it can now be removed and written on by any computer. You can add music to this card and put it back in the device. This can save a lot of time adding music to your storage card. 
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