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Having a regular exercise gives you a lot of benefits. Regular exercise together with health diet and nutritious food will keep you strong and healthy.
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Yes there are a lot of benefits of exercises. For instance your bones can be stronger and healthy and also It can lower the risks of getting diseases such as heart failure.
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Very true we need to have regular exercise which will help in eliminating of various diseases. 
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Regular exercise have both short term and long term effects on body. In short term, it increases blood flow in body, increased fitness, lungs capacity, etc. Whereas in long term effects, it increases over all body strength, increased lungs capacity, strong muscles, increased immunity, etc.
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Yes you do benefit from exercising regularly let's say you want to add some muscles instead of fat or you have big tummy using the right exercise daily could help improve your health and weight Taibo from Billy Banks works for me
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Yes of course there are benefits which we get when we do regular exercises.The following below are some of the benefits which doing regular exercises can provide - regulate blood pressure.

2.It helps us to reduce stress

3.It makes us physically fit.

4.It makes us to relax and refresh. 
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Yes these are some of the benefits one gets while doing regular exercises 
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Exercises have benefits to our health. Which include:


2.cools the mind

3.improves memory

4.rejuvenates the body and enrgizes it

5. Improves blood circulation

We should do exercises daily at least for 30 minutes to ataain a good health system. 
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