Today we are talking about CTO Role. When you think that your company is ready for change, you need to do things right. This means the change should start from the leadership with the introduction of a Chief Transformation Officer.

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Chief  Transformation  Officer  (CTO)  is  an  executive  role,  often  in  the  C-suite,  that  focuses  on  bringing  about  change  as  well  as  growth  in  revenue  and  profit  to  an  organization.  Many  large  and  mid-size  companies  have  added  Chief  Transformation  Officers  to  their  team  as  rapid-fire  developments in  technology-along  with  shifting  markets,  customer  demands,  competitive  environments  and  trends  in  global  trade-have  spurred  the  need  for  continuous  transformation  and  transformational  leadership. Chief  transformation  officers  should  not  be  confused  with  Chief  Technology  Officers (CTO)
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