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Eye damage is a proven fact if you look directly at the sun during a total solar eclipse or even when a solar eclipse isn't happening. During the solar eclipse, you MUST wear special sunglasses that are specifically designed for solar eclipses. I bought The Eclipse Safe Solar Glasses through Amazon last August (the last total solar eclipse). You are then able to take the glasses off once the sun is fully covered by the moon. This total coverage lasts about 10 minutes before the Sun starts to reappear and then you will need to put those special glasses back on.

Keeping your eyes protected is key here.
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The most and well known effect is to the eyes. Looking at the the solar eclipse and how the whole process goes with your naked eyes can cause dangerous damage to the eyes, it can go to the extent of causing blindness.Its advisable to use specialised eye glasses and if its not possible, then you can apply natural ways.For instance, fill a transparent paper with water then tier the knot and use it to view the solar eclipse.

Another effect is tiredness. Its advisable not to watch the whole seen since it takes quite some time.Watching it for some minutes is cool then find a cool place to rest.
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Some says that they are worried whenever there is a solar eclipse. Some have beliefs that there will be bad things that will happen so they feel stress and worry. What I only know is that when you look straight in the sky and watch what is happening, it will hurt your eyes. You need to put on shades or any eye cover to protect your eyes. I did it before and my eyes went irritable. It started to tears and I thought I will be losing an eyesight, but its not. What I remember was it can make you tired, I think because you are looking at the sky all the time and wait till something milestone will happen. Some are said that eclipse affects their digestion maybe because they got hungry? Some are gone emotional because they are thinking if it could be the reason of the end of the world or just a one of the kind event.

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