biodiversity benefits in the world
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Biodiversity means the variety of life forms present on earth including flora, fauna and human beings. It constitutes all the life forms ranging from single celled amoeba, multi cellular algae & bacteria to billion celled whale, all the species etc. Each and every species and living being acts as brick of ecological balance as each being, be it algae or bacteria is assigned with a specific role by the nature. As a result more diverse the life forms; well-functioning is the global ecosystem. 

Some of the importance of biodiversity are:

  1. Helps to maintain global ecological balance
  2. Rich biodiversity provides more oxygen to breath and fresher environment 
  3. Rich biodiversity offers more options for medicinal plants 
  4. Reduces chances of lose of species due to extinction 
  5. It provides more food options to all. 
These are just few to mention; biodiversity brings innumerable benefits for environment, human, society and economies. 
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