Study the Bible seems difficult for some people, what is the benefits of a bible study?
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There are alot of good reasons to join a public or private Bible study at your local Church. Here are my many reasons and What made me join from my experiences.

  • Bible study has given me a better way to connect with others
  • Bible study gives you lots of encouragement 
  •  Bible study can give you an opportunity to find unconditional and true love
  • Bible study also gives you lots, lots of knowledge on God
  • Also speaking amongst people in the Study group of bible study helps you feel strong, like you're not alone they accept you for you, are willing to listen to you, and always almost give you positive feedback and how to help.

There are many many reasons as to why id encourage anyone to go but those are mine !

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Awesome and Thank You. Add to this your spiritual muscles will grow when you are studying the word of God

I definitely agree with you! Thank you for rating my comment I truly appreciate it!!!<3

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Bible study is a very important aspect of life as it brings you closer to God to learn his ways, receive his blessings and congregate with fellow believers. When you study the Bible it will also help you to make correct decisions when times come to choose a wrong or right path.
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Bible study enhances your knowledge when trying to understand what the bible is all about. You are able to ask questions, get clarification, as well as bind with other believers. Searching on the internet can give you a bunch of misinterpretations so attending bible study allows for you to get a more accurate understanding of the bible than the google version. 
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The importance of bible study is to build our spirit. It is like feeding yourself with the fruit of the spirit. It helps you understand more of what the Lord is talking to you about and it Build your relationship with Christ because you set time aside for the Lord
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I may say, in my youthful days and when I was still young, I really enjoyed Bible study so much. This is because, I was able to connect with the Bible so much and our pastors and youth leaders would guide us to understanding the Bible well and also the figurative terms used in the Bible. It's so much fun than how people regard it. 
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