Need some advise to gain weight a little- since i am on quarantine, I did not eat well and i am loosing weight
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The best way to gain weight is to lift weights with a trainer. A trainer will be able to assist your needs and the goals your trying to achieve. Next, you need to increase your calorie intake with healthy carbohydrates that will not cause heart disease or high blood pressure.
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For gaining your weight you have to start taking some heavy carbohydrates items like--


* Eggs

* Nut butters

* Hummus

* Chicken

* Bananas

* Cheese

* Beans

* Olive oil,etc.
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I do agree eggs are a very effective way of gaining weight quickly and effectively.
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Researchers discovered five foods that were linked to the most weight gain during the study period. These foods are: chips made from potatoes, other types of potatoes, beverages with added sugar, red meats that haven't been processed as well as meats that have been processed.
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In my life I found the best way to loose weight would be to eat whatever you want whenever you want all the fatty and juicy foods,in this way you gain weight easily and rapidly.
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The best way to increase weight is by having milk and milk products like ghee,butter,paneer etc. Have chocolates and fruits. Egg also adds weight. Have dry fruits. Sleep well.
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To gain a healthy weight choose nutrient-rich foods like whole-grain bread, pasta, cereals, fruits, and vegetables also include dairy products such as lean protein sources, nuts, and seeds. Add healthy calories and go-to nutrient-dense, you don't need to drastically change your diet to gain weight.
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