Saved by grace but need more information about eternal life 
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Eternal life mean life everlasting. A time when we won't have to die again but enjoy every bliss of it.

This is why Jesus Christ came for us in order to be saved from the law of death. Truly we will all die but we should be happy we will die because we will surely resurrect with Jesus Christ  if we believed in Him.

One of the reason Jesus said fear not those who will kill the flesh but cannot kill the soul.

There is this TV series (Vikings). They served gods and are always happy when they are about to be sacrificed to their gods. They believe they will enjoy bliss with their god.

That's the concept of Eternal life only that we won't be sacrificed as a fool like those ones were.

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The Bible says that eternal life is when we die to ourselves so that we can live for Christ. This is called the new birth and is normally experienced when we are baptized.
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The bible says that whoever believes in Christ shall never die but have eternal life. I think this partly means that when we die our physical bodies shall be destroyed so as those who don't believe in Christ and our spirits shall go to leave together with our father in heaven of eternity.
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For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever belief in him should not perish but have eternal life
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