Relationship with God is so important and have some requirements to meet God's expectations
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In my experience as a Christian orthodox, the fear of the lord is the idea that a higher being or a father-like figure is always watching over you which should stop you from doing sin. The idea is that because you feel like someone is always watching you will feel too ashamed or guilty to do something "sinful" which I personally don't agree with because a person should be inherently good, not because religion told them to be good. But that's just my personal experience, hope this helped! 
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When persons move towards the evil side in them the fear of the Lord will direct them back to the good.
When you fear God you respect him to live by his expectations.
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The fear of the Lord is always trying to do what is pleasing to God because you do not want to make him disappointed in you for sinning and coming under his judgement.
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By fearing God, you can avoid being trapped by the natural pull toward going your way. When the Bible talks about fearing God, is referring to an actitude of respect, not outright terror.

A healthy fear of God means to fear the consequences of disobedience.
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The fear of God comes as a natural consequence of knowing him. When someone becomes aware that they are accountable to one greater than themselves they develop a kind of fear towards the one to whom they are accountable.
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The fear of the Lord is being humble in the eyes of God.  It is vital, because we are nothing without God.  We are simply the creation of the Almighty God in heaven.  We are His humble servants, and we do not have the right to be proud in any manner.  We are not perfect.  God is perfect.  He has the right in everything.  He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
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