Need some testimonies to encourage each an everyone to move further 
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yes but it takes lots of time and dedication

-one answer is 10 points

-per comment 5 points

-10 points 1 cent

your questions and answers also get reviewed if it is approved you get paid

you cannot repeat answers, copy answers or information online, copyright isn't allowed 

if you did copyright things then some of your progress gets denied, also grammar is important.
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Thank you for taking the time to answer. Really appreciated!
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This is the first day in this forum. As far as how people are responding in the site in sure it's legit and I'm going to get more than expected cash .it sounds too easy to bee good. I want to make it my full time gig 
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Yes , I recently got payed from answeree , and I used it to buy a subscription of  Netflix , well time to build it up all again 
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not yet because im a new user but i am interested in the site and solving the questions , and I'm waiting for the payment

hope so 
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How many testimonies do you need to convince you. Just do the necessary and earn apart from learning too from this useful site . Don't be doubtful it's a legit site I assure you
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Yes, I too got money from answeree. It is a legit site. You have to reach the minimum threshold to get the payout. It should be 2000 points to get 2 dollars
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