Holliday season is comin and it's difficult to make a choice for a little 5 years girl
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A gift that is memorable for a five year old girl is a present that is monogrammed such a purse, bag, jewelry box, or a piece of jewelry. 
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It really depends what she's into, maybe a toy from her favourite cartoon, or a DIY kit, kids really love that. Also, educational toys are super great something with buttons and movement. 
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A good dress, chocolate and shoes will a great thing a for a 5 year. It will have an everlasting effect on her mind. Do that and thank me later. Get her things that she will see and remember for long and hug her tightly always good luck
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The best gift is a beautiful dress with a  Santa Claus jumper. My daughter really likes that and she's 5years old. She asks daily for such a jumper and a mavin. 
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