No Body knows what life may bring and tomorrow is not promise.
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I expect 2021 to turn over to good events, I expect this world to come to their senses so the nonsense can stop. I want this pandemic mess to blow over the roof and end by 2021 somewhere near in that year at the most. I hope people come to realizations and educate themselves more this year and the upcoming year. I also expect more of myself I'm gonna better myself in many ways the rest of this year and become an amazing me in 2021.
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I expect 2021 should be a relief to this awful year we are presently enduring. With the vaccine being issued out to certain people I hope to see a downward number in COVID -19 cases. Next, with a new administration I do believe we will have a better economy. Last, hopefully 2021 should bring all people together no matter your race, political choice, or gender.
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Tomorrow is unseen to everybody we just live with hope and faith for a good and brighter future. 

Even though 2021 has started, am expecting it to be one where mankind have learned their past mistakes through the pandemic. It has exposed many fragilities in the society such as domestic violence, corruption, child labor and abuse, environmental pollution. All of these are attributeed to human activities. 

I hope for the vaccine to be a success and that lives would go back to normal. 
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