• Dodge Grand Caravan 
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Chrysler
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I would like to to choose Red Chrysler 4x4.

This is my favorite car. It is strong, good in cold snowy and hot weather. Good for family and comfortable. It's spare parts are available in most shops. 
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If I were to chose a car brand, it would be Ford. Expensive but durability makes it very likeable. One of the most famous car advertisement in this century.
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I would choose Range Rover. It is an elegant yet sexy car at the same time. A random bonus is that Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England, drives a Range Rover; so who would not want to feel like a Queen or King driving it.
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I would go for a Toyota. It has so many models and are stylish. Soothes every occasion and most importantly, it's spare parts are readyily available in my country. 
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Hyundai i20

It's great in performance and aesthetics with safety features and technology loaded in it. It is great to drive on highways as well as off-road with a minimum jerk and maximum comfort. If you are a daily driver, just go for it. The car won't let you down in any aspect. Wonderful experience being a first-time driver. Far ahead of any other cars in this segment.
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My choice would be compact SUV. As it is easy to drive in traffic, powerful engine, commanding driving position and has good ground clearance. Don't need to worry about bad roads.

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