Well, it is great to move on but not quickly so do you think it's okay to move on after a 3-year relationship are is that moving too quickly?:'(

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After a failed relationship one has to move on.This doesn't only mean moving to another relationship but healing too.Different people take different time intervals to heal.After 3 years I think it's ok to move on if you feel you are completely healed of the hurts if the relationship.
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In order to start dating after 3 years then you must first love yourself. Make yourself happy so when you begin to date again then happiness will grow in your new relationship. You can even look for dating apps to start a dating again. 
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Evaluate yourself first. Think about what are your needs. Do you need to be in a relationship? Are you in a hurry for a new person in your life? Are you happy right now? Are you emotionally and physically ready to carry on with a new person? These are some questions to think about as you look critically at your dating situation before you actually jump back into the dating pool. 3 years is a long time but when the time is right, the right person will come along.
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