I've never been to a golf course, I wonder what kind of experience it brings, and if it's worth it might try it out next year.
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Golf is atype of game, but also its a sport. 'a game is a physical or mental activity with rules played for entretaiment'.

The fact that there are golfers with different body types, habits or age, is often used as evidence that they are not athletes. But,the golf swing definately involves physical exertion. This required skills, abilities and a technique as well as psychological focus. In all sports there are categories in which the performance is higher or lower. Golf ranges from amateur to professional or elite category.
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Golf is a sport and a game at the same time. But most professional people would likely to play it. It's not very popular or fun for outdoers or extroverts.
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Yes, and to add on to your answer, Golf is such a sport that is played by the elites mainly. They use this sport for business get-togethers with other well-off people to do work deals but in a less serious environment. It is also not so much a physically challenging sport that will cause strain on a person.
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Golf is a type of sport which is played professionally by the golfers which carry different type of player when the player call different type of plaisance Modi Swift sweet kind of emotion comes when they play golf
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