Do you think it will be a safe vaccination to consume?
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I'm a little wary about it, kind of has me on my toes. I hope the vaccine is effective and doesn't bring anyone to harm. FDA has approved this vaccine to be safe but it's really up to us to I guess test the waters and trust it'll have a positive effect on us. I guess when it comes to life and death we should just go for it but I would wait till they can officially approve it's safe.
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Vaccines takes years to experiment with until they finally stick to one that will be effective the most with the least amount of side effects in the long term. The news lately has been bombarded with pros and cons of each pharmaceutical vaccine that came out. Many recipients of the Covid vaccine had terrible side effects. I would not run to get it right now but wait a while since there are new strands of this virus emerging in a few countries. I would not know how effective the vaccine would be on the new strand. Just stay safe and keep social distancing.
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