It is a special day for our daughter but I'm a little worried because we didn't patch things up very well but I was wondering how to not be awkward when they arrive. It is weird because his family doesn't really have a filter and they can say some wild things, not in very appropriate times.
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be civil, just pretend everything is okay for the sake of your daughters' special day. I am sure you don't want any commotion that will happen that day. When you hear unwanted words from your ex-family ignored them. Just enjoy that special with your daughter.
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As a parent to a young child, you should be as strong as possible. Try not to show weakness because you broke up for a reason. Your child is above any exes or other family members or even friends. Things will be alright when you show that you are in excellent health mentally and physically. No matter what, no one should stand in your way of your happiness and your child’s.
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