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Unfortunately your best bet is to have those buttons fixed First thing (if you wanna do the whole thing on your own). Now if you would like other people to fix it for you (a phone company for example) I am sure they will have the means to simply plug it in a computer and do the Magic.

If you want to spend less though I would have the buttons fixed as that is the only way to have the system fixed from home.
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If there was a button opposite to the thanks button, then i would have clicked on it 100 times. If it was ti fix the button then why should I ask in such a forum? Don't make answers if you don't know anything about the question.
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If there was a button to thank on comments then I would have clicked on it 1000 times for this comment. Ha ha ha ...
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You guys can be rude all you want.

You have the right not to like the answer, sure, but no right to go criticizing answers. Flagging your rudeness here. If you are so Clever and smart come answer instead of being clowns. Congratulations!
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If you are having an issue with the power button on your phone you can try one thing at home to restore your phone. This is a free program call Syncois. It works on Android and iOS devices. 

  1. Download the free program and install it on your computer.
  2. Attach your phone and let the program recognize your phone. 
  3. There are a backup or recovery options in the software.
  4. You can try the recovery option to see if you can reset your phone.
I've used this on many phones and it works great. 
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Thank you for a quick solution.
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Hope this works for you. I've used the recovery mode when Android devices were stuck in the recovery mode. It allowed me to force them out of this mode and then recover the device back to factory setting. Good luck. 

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