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Which is the best time to get flight tickets for cheapest rates? How to get cheap airline tickets last minute? Is there any trick to book cheap air ticket? What are the ways to get cheap airline tickets?
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It would be best if you will subscribe to the email notifications of your prospect airlines for you to be updated with their promotions and discounts. Typically, airline companies offer the best deals during off-season. Thus, do not expect plane fares to be cheap when there are upcoming holidays and other festivities.
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My partner and I have found some really good deals just by browsing our local travel agents' websites. You could subscribe to their mailing lists but I find I get bombarded with too much stuff this way. If you are happy to travel at off peak times you will find it is much cheaper.

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If you have to get cheap air tickets then you need to plan in advance and book as early as possible. In the last minute you may get some deals but there will be difference between booking an air ticket in advance and booking in last minute. Indian Eagle offers best deals on flights to India from USA.

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