Ghosts!! ah the name gives goose bums, what if one really encounter one?
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Spirits are very level-headed once you let them know that you are curious about them they will not leave. Spirits love attention or maybe they're looking for guidance but you should not show a reaction to them because they can bring more dangerous entities back with them to your home so I wouldn't show any interest like I have done before and pray a lot. You should never question what they can and cant do.
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Wow, seems experienced with this, but yes all types of energy are wandering around, so not to mess up with them.  :'(

Prayer is the best way to fight ghosts because it strengthen your faith in God than what you saw.
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Ignoring a ghost that is around you is the best option. Giving in to its attraction is what they are  looking for. A ghost could be friendly, evil, curious, or lost and wants help passing on. You never know what you are getting with otherworldly spirits.
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I  would  definitely ignore  it as if it is  nothing. It would be  best to continue whatever you are doing and make sure  that your eyes  should  never met. 
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Ok, if ghost has a fortnight account, I'll join with him and we will start killing players invisibility.

Just kidding, i knew that ghost can't afford wifi subscription.
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I'll just stay calm and be quiet so that I can assure that my mind would be clear. I'm really sorry because I never believe that ghost exist but if it is a human in a form of ghost of course I will fight for myself or maybe ran away If i can't handle. :)

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That would be a very interesting encounter to me , as I would.                       Actually ask them how was there life and I will do some other interesting things with it to.
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 If this is an intelligent haunting,  a true spirit of a once-living person you might be able to get a reaction or information. The spirit might look at you and try to get you to notice it if it is a non frendly ghost.
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It depends on the ghost, which category it belongs to, if its normal ghost will have a nice talk and move on, if it is a abnormal one just walk away with prayers. 
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I know they don't exist so I don't think they will ever appear, but anyway I would first scream. I am used to screaming whenever am shocked or frightened so honestly that is the first thing I would do then I will cry and when things calm down I would pray. But that won't happen since they don't actually exist. 
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If it happens, then it is about time to embrace that my third eye is active. It means I can talk with these dead people without a doubt.
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I doubt I would live to see another day. My heart would stop right there and there. I fear ghosts. Besides you being the only one that sees them, they would never leave you alone. Imagine arguing with a ghost at the mall. That would not look normal at all.
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Once I encounter a ghost most likely I will run, scream, and be nervous. I am a person who easily gets scared if I will be surprised by this kind of scenario. I might find a place where I can hide or maybe find my way out. I will pray hard so God will help and protect me so I can get out of these encountering. 
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Depends on where. In my space? I would observe it, determine for sure it is a ghost, and if so, decide whether or not coexistence is possible. If not, I would evict it. If so, I would make friends, or at least set ground rules. If in anothers space? I would observe it, determine if it is a ghost, and if so, interact with it or ignore it, depending on the situation.
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So there are a lot of realms in the universe, the physical realm is where the human beings can live their lives peacefully. When you die it is believed that you journey to another realm called the spiritual realm, so the spiritual and the physical realm cannot collide. Spirits and ghosts cannot travel from their realm to the physical realm unless they have been invoked, so when they travel to the physical realm, they are only on a special mission for the person who invoked them. So will not harm you, if you're not the why they are here.
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If i happen to encounter a ghost alone in my house,i would do the most known thing to do scream out loud for help and eventually run out of the house
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