what is the most costly thing you have bought in your life? was that a worth?
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My car was the most expensive thing I have ever bought in my life. Sure it was an expensive item. But I realised it is a necessity and not a luxury and especially where I come from without a car its quite a Hussle using public means to get to where you want to be.

I thank God for the ability accorded me to buy a car  it has truly helped me and my children big time.
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Indeed a car is considered expensive in a variety of ways.some people consider it to be expensive and others cheap.
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Having a baby is an expensive lifestyle lol clothes, food and the list goes on but I love my dearies so much wouldn't trade them for the world.
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Babies are really adorable and worth a great place in life. 
Congratulations buddy, It is a pleasure to have a baby, doing cute things and His or Her cuddle suits your whole day
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The most expensive thing I bought in my life is an iPad for someone I consider deserving of such a gift. It was very costly yet worth all the money to see a person who earned it be happy and use it for their everyday life. 
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Wow that was nice, It is not bad to treat yourself, it may be a good motivation to us if we had it.
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The most expensive item that I have bought in my life is My home chairs kangaroo design. It's brown chocolate and I like them so much. 
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I bought and Ebike that cost 37,000 pesos I guess that's around 1,800$ if converted. I invested in it because I can use it in going to work and strolling at some places at my free day. My love in traveling is fulfilled by that
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The most expensive thing that I have ever purchased in my life would be a plot of land.Or a neat pair of shoes.This might be the mkst costly thing I have purchased.
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The most expensive thing I brought is my car, my hair dresses. I love the car I brought, its colors and speed. My hair dresses are most expensive thing I brought.
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The most expensive item I bought was my car ,it's a luxury car and I just enjoy driving my car,it's cool to own something for yourself.
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Most expensive thing I bought was my car. Still have it. Couldn't believe it the time I bought it. Spent days peaking outside just to look at it. I am hoping to buy more stuff. It's Soos fulfilling 
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The most expensive thing I bought in my life is my personal laptop. I bought it from my hard earn savings for a few years. Yes, my laptop was really worth it and a big help in my everyday life. In fact, I'm still using it right now. I still maintain it through a friend who is good in computers. I don't have plans to dispose of my laptop even though I plan to buy a new one in the future. 
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Personally speaking, the most expensive ones that I bought for myself are modern gadgets, such as mobile phones, computers, etc.
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I know i have bought alot of things in my life, but i just can't remember which one is the most expensive i have bought, but i know will things like a jet, an island
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