One who denies is lying, we all have done it, so remember why you did it? :D

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Actually, this was recent I stole some Christmas sugar cookies but it wasn't even for me so it was not worth it because I didn't get to indulge in it as I had planned. 
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Almost every child has sneakily taken a cookie when their mother or whoever in the house is baking turned their backs. I still do it as an adult when my mother bakes anything and I can smell it from far off in the house. Very few can resist the urge. 
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My mom had the tendency of shopping alot of snacks and of different types. She used to hide them and let them out when it was best for her to distribute to us. It was difficult for me to know where she used to hide them but my siblings would always know. I was a lazy one and wouldn't waste time searching for something. Whenever it happened mama would know I wasn't the one. 
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