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Which site do you find more reliable? I think I prefer Amazon because their customer support is good if things go wrong.

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2 Answers

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I have shopped in both sites and i think amazon is much more reliable. As you mentioned their customer support is so reliable and fast! Plus they seem to be much more open and clear as to where you are getting your merchandise from.

eBay on the other hand seems more user to user, less reliable in my opinion. You need to be more careful as from who you are buying from.
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When shopping on eBay there can be issues at times with the sellers sending you what they offer. I've purchased a few items on eBay and I've always gotten what I ordered. However, I know a few people who had problems getting the items delivered to their home and they had to go through the hassle of getting a refund. This is an excellent platform and normally there aren't a lot of problems on it. The items normally sold on there are used, so a lot of times you can find a good deal on something that you're looking for.

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping stores and is trusted worldwide by billions of people. I actually like Amazon and will buy most of my things from this company. I have shopped at a few other online stores and have never been disappointed.

If I'm looking for a new item, I'll shop on Amazon. However, if I'm looking for an item that is no longer available, I'll go to eBay to find out if they have it. I needed a watch last year that was no longer sold anywhere online. I knew it would be a used watch, but I had to find one. I did find one on eBay and when it arrived, it was like a brand new watch. 

This will depend on what you're looking for and if the item is discontinued or not. 
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