ho ho ho!! Santa is coming, what would you like to get this Christmas? A corona vaccine ? ;)

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Honestly, I was just hoping for some Lindor chocolates this year. Those things are so freakin' delicious. I'm not usually a chocolate fan, but there's just something so buttery about those things. Mmm...
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I do love chocolates so much and their taste is so irresistible. I know one day our wishes will be fulfilled in one way or the other. 
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Definitely a gift card with a good amount of money on it to spend lusciously. That would have been nice for the Christmas holidays, or any holiday in fact. 
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My exact thought. I need money to get some essentials in my house. It will be a great relief since it's a necessity but not to be worshipped. 
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I would like to receive some amount of money to spend wisely on things that I need. It will be a wish come through and my Christmas will be very spectacular and special. 
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