Nowadays lots of life threats all around, lots of violence across boundaries. 

Which country do you consider as most safest place to live?
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Denmark is one of the safest place or country in the world. The country has a low crime rate and an inclusive community. It has a strong life balance.
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According to some statistics, Iceland is the safest country in the world. The news barely ever mention Iceland as its crime rate is so low that is not even given a second look. With its small population density and a tight knit community, its obvious why the island nation is almost crime-less.
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The world safest country according to reports and statistics is Denmark. The statistics also indicates that their low crime incidents reported in the country. 
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India is the most safest place in the world. In india there is a rule of law. And also some European Countries like portugal, Denmark and astria also safest in the World. Canada, Singapore and also Switzerland also safest contries.

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America is the safest country in the world this is a myth.Let me tell u about scendenvian countries from my point of view these countries are the best and the safest countries in the world.
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I think its United States

Beca6 it has the strongest army ever

No other countries would even dare to start a war 

So maybe it's the safest place in the earth
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