How can I make someone realize that I'm not a bad person as they think i am? 
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I think you just have to be yourself. Show them kindness and your actions will speak for you. Although, please remember that you could not please everyone. No matter what you do, there will always be mean people who will dislike you over nonsensical reasons.
Although it is seemingly impossible to change what others think of you because you can not control what they think of you but you can at least be of good attitude to those around you. By doing so, you free yourself of the thought of how others perceive you. Once you know within yourself that you are a good person, you can go about your daily activities without having qualms about the impression your fellow man have about you.

Moreover, there is a popular say that how others see you is your reputation, but how you see yourself is your character. There's absolutely nothing you can do about how people see you because whether you are a good or bad person people must talk about you. Advisably, don't wear yourself out by worrying how others see you but significantly, always be of good behavior to those around you.

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It's hard to deal with it when you know someone dislikes you especially if there is no real reason for it. Some just take an instant dislike to people but it doesn't mean you can't turn this around. Is there a reason this person thinks you are bad? If it's something minor they may get over it and you can become friendly.

Don't make too much effort to be nice to this person as you will come across as desperate. Be pleasant, smile when you see them and if you get the chance to chat make a little small talk.

If you do your best and this person still doesn't like you just accept that you are never likely to be friends and hang around with people who do like you because they are the important people.
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Hi! Even though the First impressions are what People have in mind, not all is Lost. Keep in mind that if you want people to see the true you all you have to do is put effort into that. For example , try to talk to the person and understand why the person has a bad impression on yourself. Now if you think you did something unpleasant to the person simply try to change the behaviour. 

Communication is key , always.

Good luck!
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If someone has a bad impression about you all you have to do is to disapprove that person. You can do that by applying the following techniques; 

(1) let not what he's thinking about you bother you so much. As long as you are not what he/she thinks that shouldn't bother you so much.

(2) Just be yourself. Don't overwork to please the person.

(3) Always do what you know it's right. So long as you are sane and you are an adult then you can distinguish right and wrong.

(4) If the person needs your help and you can help always do so. 

Applying all that and maintaining your standards, with time the person will realize he/she was wrong.
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There's no need of doing, let your actions speak louder than words.Even if they talk bad about you, don't respond and try explaining yourself. Just assume you didn't hear anything and don't hold grudges. Keep on doing your best and your actions speak out.

Some people are very arrogant and no matter how much you try to do to please them, they'll never see but rather think you're pretending. Dealing with these people is very hard and the only way out is to assume them and be good to them.
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Very true is good to be you rather than a people's pleaser. This is because you will do things to your passion and satisfaction without having to worry about people's validation. 
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The best advice I can give you is to be yourself. You can't please everyone and if the reason the person dislikes you is part of who you are, there's not much you can do about it than just to let them be. 

Remember that not everyone is going to like you in your life time. However, if you did something to piss them off, you need to talk to them and put things straight. 

Always please yourself first before anyone else but you need to respect everyone in your life and everyone you come across. 
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You cannot change the way a person thinks about you, that is their decision to make. I have ever seen a certain illustration of this. It was a picture of one family and a horse that they used to ride. When they all sat on the horse to ride, people complained that they were overworking the horse. When they let the children alone ride the horse, people complained that they were letting the children rule over them and when the parents alone rode the horse, the people complained that they were frustrating the children.

This illustrated that no matter what you do, you can never make people think of you the way you want them to. The best thing is to just let them be and continue doing good. Never expect anything from anyone. 
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We can't change ourselves to impress or satisfy others. If someone have a bad opinion on you, you can change their opinion by explaining it to them. If they don't understand it, be yourself. They will realize on their own. 
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I can change a person's bad impression about me by doing the things,that benefits him. It will change him after seeing your efforts.
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I think trying to get validation from people is the most frustrating thing to do. You should just do your best and keep doing the good deeds and one day someone will notice. Do it to self satisfaction and passion but not to please others. 
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what ever happened  to make them think that you are a bad person, you need  to explain and be just who you are    to show that person  that you are not a bad person 
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