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The Work of An Exploration Geologist

Mining companies are always looking for new sources or new places where is there is mineral ore. They use the services of exploration geologists to find natural resources such as minerals below the earth's surface or oil and natural gas in the oceans, deserts or mountains. In a  nutshell, exploration geologists explore the ground, oceans and rivers for natural resources mostly minerals. They conduct tests on rock and soil samples. Their work is divided between field work, laboratory and office.

How To Become One

The first step is to obtain a bachelors degree in geology. Make sure you enroll for a degree program that incorporates periods where you will attached to mining companies or exploration firms in order to get practical experience.

The second step is to get a licence. This will however depend on the country or jurisdiction in which you operate in. Some countries require you to obtain a licence before you begin practising. You obtain this licence after passing a professional competence test.

The third step is optional but it gives you an advantage in the job market .i.e. a masters degree in geology especially if you enrol for a masters program that has a bias towards mining or mineral exploration.

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