Is it hard to pursue

a real relationship 

when your partner moves 

back and forth each and every

couple of months.
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Yes, it will be difficult to have a relationship in that situation, but if you really love the person and if you're willing to do anything to fulfill your love, then you can have a long-distance relationship. You can meet him/her on days that you're both free and you can make calls, do video calls or chat online. There are a lot of social media sites and apps you can use to communicate over long distances.
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It must be very difficult and disheartening that the partner is present but on and off. It also makes one think whether he/she could be rely on such type of partner or not, commitment issues may also come up in such situation. In such situations its better to find the reason and look into the solution or could lead to distressing situation sooner or later. 
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It will be hard to have a good and solid relationship. This is due to the fact that instead of moving forward, you will be taking one step forward, and three steps backwards. It will not work at all. 
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