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Well this can happen because of different things such as hormones, meds and sedatives they gave you during labor.

Also your routine must be hectic now with a baby, só everything plays a big role.

It is important for you to go talk to a doctor só you can understand what is going on and have this problem solved.

Good luck!
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Did you have a general anesthetic? If so this could be the cause. I had a headache and nausea after my c-section and actually felt too ill to look after my baby. I was told that these were the side effects of this type of anesthetic and would be gone after 24 hours which they were. I have just researched whether an epidural can cause a headache and apparently it can cause a very severe migraine type headache which is made worse by standing or sitting up.

It has to be remembered that a c-section is major abdominal surgery so it's not unusual to feel unwell for a while. I hope you are recovering now and able to enjoy your baby.

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