What is the reason for pulsating buttocks?
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Hi! It can happen due to several different things, including lots of exercises, sitting too many hours, or even standing up for extended periods of time. 

If you are also undergoing lots of stress, your muscles can Twitch (happens a lot to me). You might also be tense, and that can happen due to that.

Now if it is just too much for you to bear you can go see a doctor since he will be able to help you better understand the issue and help you get rid of the discomfort.


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I experience this many times often when I have sat down for long hours. This is because blood circulation throughout the body is limited in that part of the body. When you stand up, blood tend to flow at a faster rate almost the rate of your heartbeat causing pulsating buttocks. Also, this might be due to stress especially when you're experiencing something for the first time like an interview or presentation. Blood in the buttock  tends to flow faster competing with heart beats.

This can be reduced by changing your sitting positions often or taking several breaks from sitting down. Also when doing presentation for the first time, its advisable to remain calm no matter what. Pulsating buttocks isn't a serious problem you can handle it.
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