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Yes, it affected a lot. I became more conscious about choice of food items and particularly addition of immunity booster food items, like everyone else. Also, it almost put a full stop on junk food and market prepared items. 
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Slowly, but surely it has Im alot more cautious with what I put in my body now. Im actually doing this new thing where I will ask myself will this pancake with syrup give me the same nutrients as these eggs. I would obviously choose the eggs and pair it with a nice slice of wheat avacodo bread with orange juice. Its a lot more refreshing when you're in control of your eating habits than when the food is lol plus Im pregnant, so I really gotta eat healthy since I'm high risk.
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During this Pandemic, my eating habit changed a lot. I used to eat little vegetables but now I eat more than I used to. And I drink a lot of water.
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Eating habits have certainly changed for many people during the pandemic. Numerous people have stopped going out because they had too. Deliveries became more frequent. Intake of healthier food options such as oranges for extra boost of vitamin C, vitamin D pills, and more vegetables are consumed. 
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