Nutrition Coaching in California,USA
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The healthiest way to consume food is to consume it fresh (just cooked) and avoid re-warming as it reduces the nutritional level of food. The same food have different nutritional quotient when taken fresh and after re-warming. So, eat fresh stay healthy. 
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Eating healthy is very important in human life. The following below are ways in which people can eat healthy and leave a healthy life.

In oder to  eat healthy our foods must be balanced diet that is the food must contain vitamins,protein,fats and oils  and carbohydrates. 
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For foods to be healthy, their nutrient content should be the same so that it's absorbed into the body optimally.

The most convenient way is to eat them when fresh such as fruits (blended to make fruit juices and eaten whole)
Fresh vegetables taken in salads
Baking foods 
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To consumer your food s in a healthy way do not forget to eat your breakfast as much as possible. For better way you should have to get from your nutritionist.
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