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Sometimes extensive use of your phone could cause it to overheat. My phone is fairly new and it overheats at times as well, but if its a consistent problem try looking into purchasing another phone.
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There may be many reasons for the overheating of the android phone such as its overuse, WiFi/Bluetooth/Location services are always turned on, internal hardware fault, bad battery, and so on. But you can try some tips to reduce its heating up.

1. Lower the brightness of y2.our screen.
2. Try not to run multiple apps in the background.
3. Do not overuse your phone camera.
4. Uninstall unwanted apps, keep the space free as much as possible.

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It is true Android  smartphone get overheated but it is possible to reduce the overheating problem.

You can reduce the overheating problem by making sure you charge your Android smartphone using an original charger of good quality and  right voltage.

Also when you are using the Android smartphone make sure it isn't connected to the charger or it is not charging.
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You may not know that so many apps are running on phone background as you haven't utilized any of them. These apps burn-through RAM stockpiling, yet additionally burn-through battery power, and create heat in significant time-frame handling. To close a program, tap the return button twice or snap exit from the application menu to stop running the program.
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To reduce the overheating problem on Android phone, you could force quit all apps running in the background and force close your device, then open it after a while. And please don't perform your phone when it's charging. Of course, these methods are also applied to iPhone models. Several days ago, I used an iPhone restore software named TunesKit iOS System Recovery to successfully fix my iPhone overheating issue without data loss. This tool, warmly welcomed by many users, can resolves many other iOS matters, too.
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