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You will be able to turn your phone number as private - however, it will remain to every person you call.

All you have to do is go to your phone's dialer > menu > settings > call settings > additional settings > Caller ID > Hide Number

When you follow these guidelines (pretty basic for all operating systems) you will be able to have a private number set.
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It's not working on my phone. The Caller Id menu is disabled. It's semi transparent in color. My phone is Huawei Honor 9 Lite. I have another phone too. It's a Vivo V3. There also the menu is not active. How to enable those Caller id menus??
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Maybe this can help: from home screen tap phone icon > menu > call settings > additional settings > caller ID > hide number. I did this on a phone of the same brand, Huawei. It is strange that yours is not showing up, mine worked fine. Hope it works.
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But that caller id menu is not clickable on my phone. See this screenshot

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Oh, thanks for the picture. Now I get it better. In this case you have to call your carrier. They will be able to set it up for you. Happens in some carriers, such as Verizon. Make sure you call them and sort it out. I believe you will be able to get it done that way. It seems there are some bugs on some Huawei models, maybe this is your case =/
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Hiding your caller ID is a feature in all phone. Even the cheapest phones on the market today can do this. Years ago you could mask your number and it would hide it for only one call. They didn't have the option to mask the number for all calls. Later on, this options became available for all phones. 

Today the smartphones make it easy to set your caller id or hide your caller ID. You'll find this feature in your setting menu under the phone. Locate the phone setting on your device and go to the phone and look for Show my caller ID. In this menu on an iPhone, you can easily hide your caller ID on all your phone calls. 

On Android devices, the setting is in a different location, but you can still find it under the phone icon on your device. 
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On my phones this above said menu is not clickable. Is there any way to activate those buttons first?
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This is a major issue with your phone and on the forum for your phone, many people are complaining about this. They have so many requests to the manufacturer to upgrade and fix the software, but they aren't responding to this problem. Apparently, on this phone, there are a few other bugs that have not been addressed and people are angry with the company. 

You are correct this option on your phone has been blocked and people are requesting a software update to un-block this option. You will need to wait until the company updates the software in order to hide your caller ID. For now, there is nothing that you can do. I'm sorry.
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My Vivo V3 is also having this same problem. There when going to call settings an error message too is coming up showing network error. Then the same issue as in Honor 9 Lite.
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Who is your cell phone carrier? If both devices are an Android device, this can be a problem in the software of the phone. Otherwise, you'll need to contact your network carrier and see if they have blocked this from your plan. I just know in your other phone there is a lot of complaints about this on the forum and many people are having the same problem as you are right now. 
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I don't know the actual make of your phone so I can't be specific on the steps to follow. Anyways, all you need to execute this task lies in the settings on your phone.

Navigate to settings on your phone and search for call settings or network settings. It might be in any of both settings depending on your phone. Click on call settings and select caller I'd settings. Select hide caller I.d and it's done. Every call hence becomes hidden.
Another way to achieve this task is through the use of certain apps. I'll recommned you use apps for this task as they're specifically built for this functions, plus they offer even more advance features. Truecaller app is one of such apps you can use. Download it and follow the steps which can be found in the settings of the app.
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There are so many software applications that can help you achieve this your goal of setting your phone number as a private number or normally as it's canned a hidden number or private number but I'm very sure that you can still set up this feature from your phone's call setting because every phone comes with this call setting features.
Take the following steps to set up your phone number to be hidden or as a private number when other people you call receives your calls:

Go to settings.

Go to call settings.
Go to hide caller ID.

Select the Sim card you want to hide if the phone comes with a dual sim.
This is just the easiest way to hide your call identity and make it appear as a private number when you call. But it's important to note that this setting process might differ from phone to phone but it's basically the same thing.
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To turn your phone Number invisible is a easy but highly technical thing to do. It actually depends on purpose and type of network provider. Why i mentioned purpose is actually because; some use to turn their sell number invisible TemporarilyTemporarilyTemporarily, immediateimmediate and permanent. The Temporary can be for days probably all the calls in that day doesn't require the received to know who is calling. And that of immediateimmediateimmediate is for immediate call and I usually use #31no of the person to call to do that while that of permanent is configured same way with that of temporary by going to the phone setting>calls>caller id set by network or not. Then you can option the not set by network or hide. It actually depends on the type of cell phone and model one is using

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