Best Mobile Repair in South Riverside,USA
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Get a screen protector which will protect the mobile screen from scratches and the screen protector may also protect against screen glare. You can purchase the screen protector online or at a nearby merchandise store in your area that sells screen protectors.
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Yeah, screen protector will save your mobile screen from dirt oil and water.
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Screen protector are very helpful. You can get one from Amazon or any phone stores. It has saved me a bundle from not having to purchase a new phone. 
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Smartphones's or future Mobile's screens are very delicate and if they are mishandled it's easy to get scratched or even cracked.

The following below are some of the ways which you can use to protect your smart phone or future mobile phones screens-

1.You can cover your mobile phone screen with a glass screen protector,this will protect the screen from geting scratches or cracks.

2.Dont keep your mobile phone together with coins, this will prevent the coins from scratching or cracking the screen.

3.Keep away your phone from your trouser's pocket when you are driving car or riding a motor bike.
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As everyone would most likely tell you, the best way to protect your screen is by using a screen protector. Be aware of how your use your phone and where you place it. Caring for your gadgets is the most important thing for it to last as long as possible.
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